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  • Do not be agitated
    Do not be agitated
    Kayumba Mpwampu
    Sun 20th Sep, 2020 (Evening Service)
    In Romans 3:10, we learn that there is none righteous in and of themselves. We are only made righteous in Christ (Rom 3:21-26, Phil. 3:9). Psalm 37 addresses those who have become righteous through and in Christ, those who have … More ↪
  • Playing the blame game
    Playing the blame game
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 20th Sep, 2020 (Morning Service)
    Fallen humanity holds others responsible for anything that goes wrong. When we do something wrong, we so easily and quickly seek someone or something to blame for our actions. We are never prepared to accept responsibility for what we have … More ↪
  • Living for Christ
    Living for Christ
    Philemon Njobvu
    Sun 13th Sep, 2020 (Evening Service)
    Christians are different, unique and unlike everybody else. Therefore, as Christians, we ought to live above this world, as Christ's ambassadors. This should be evident in our conduct. Those who are in Christ Jesus have been raised with him to … More ↪
  • Strength for weary legs
    Strength for weary legs
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 13th Sep, 2020 (Morning Worship Service)
    The oppression of exile had wearied the hearts of the Israelites, and Isaiah brought them a message of hope and encouragement. No doubt the oppressive nature of the Israelites' situation in exile led to the Israelites' desperate situation where they … More ↪

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