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  • A Desire for Obedience
    A Desire for Obedience
    Gregory Kanyanta
    Sun 28th Feb, 2021 (Morning Service)
    The first section of Psalm 119 brings out something that we aspire to, something that we desire as humanity – we long to be happy, we desire to be fulfilled, we long for blessings. Psalm 119:1-3 gives conditions for one … More ↪
  • Grace in Cain’s Prosecution and Sentence
    Grace in Cain’s Prosecution and Sentence
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 21st Feb, 2021 (Morning Worship Service)
    Cain is one such in the Bible who deserved the ultimate punishment from God for his sin, a man who did not deserve any pity for the callous execution of his own brother. He does not only lie to God … More ↪
  • You are your Brother’s Keeper
    You are your Brother’s Keeper
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 14th Feb, 2021 (Morning Service)
    Marriage is the most intimate, the closest and the deepest of all human relationships in the world. Next to the bond of marriage, sibling relationships are supposed to be the strongest and the most long-lasting and enduring ties in life. … More ↪
  • Family Tragedy and Horror
    Family Tragedy and Horror
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 7th Feb, 2021 (Morning Service)
    If you were asked to nominate one family in the Bible as the best example of an ideal and perfect family, which family would that be? As you read God's Word, you'll discover that it is hard to find what … More ↪

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