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  • When deficiency meets sufficiency
    When deficiency meets sufficiency
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 28th Mar, 2021 (Morning Service)
    Our humanity is synonymous with weakness, insufficiency, deficiency, inadequacy and limitations. This insufficiency reveals our pride and ignorance when we try to find solutions within our own human wisdom without making an appeal to the living God. This is what … More ↪
  • Christian Maturity, Part 2
    Christian Maturity, Part 2
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 7th Mar, 2021 (Evening Service)
    In this second part of a mini-series on Christian maturity, Pastor Isaac Makashinyi builds up on the foundation laid in Part 1 (Evening Sermon on Sunday, February 28, 2021). It is important to note that 1. Christian maturity is not … More ↪
  • The Uncivilised Civilisation
    The Uncivilised Civilisation
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 7th Mar, 2021 (Morning Service)
    Rootlessness, vanity and wickedness – that is how we can describe that ancient culture of Cain, but it is in every sense a description of all secular cultures, including our own. If ever there was a day in which civilisation … More ↪
  • Christian Maturity
    Christian Maturity
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 28th Feb, 2021 (Morning Service)
    In Col 1:28, we see that it was the Apostle Paul's desire to present those to whom he ministered mature in Christ. It is such a maturity that will lead to stable, servant-hearted Christians and consequently, a healthy, fruit-bearing church. … More ↪

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