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  • Give Me Life
    Give Me Life
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 29th Nov, 2020 (Evening Service)
    Psalm 119 is longest Psalm, and Psalms is the longest book in the Bible. The centrality of God's word in our lives as Christians is highlighted in this Psalm, which is a song of wholehearted desire for the Word of … More ↪
  • The Grace of God in Salvation
    The Grace of God in Salvation
    Dr. Masauso Phiri
    Sun 29th Nov, 2020 (Morning Service)
    In this sermon, Dr. Masauso Phiri reminds us that we are saved by God's grace. We consider the character, ground, means, nature and ground of the salvation that only God Himself provides.
  • First Conception and Birth
    First Conception and Birth
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 22nd Nov, 2020 (Morning Service)
    Conception is a gift from the Lord and we must be thankful to The LORD. It is the work of God, beyond the natural phenomenon. It's the miracle of the formation of life – so intricately woven together by God … More ↪
  • Our Reformed Heritage - Sola Scriptura
    Our Reformed Heritage - Sola Scriptura
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 4th Oct, 2020 (Evening Service)
    The Reformation of the 16th century was not the work of man but the work of God. God Himself set aflame the revival of the Christian Faith, the reformers set to re-orient Christianity on the basis of the gospel of … More ↪

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