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  • The Futility of Self-made Religion
    The Futility of Self-made Religion
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 6th Sep, 2020 (Morning Service)
    DIY is part of our culture and everyday trends. However this doesn't apply to our faith in Christ. We cannot build an imagined God. When we turn to ourselves in the mode of DIY for answers we are saying we … More ↪
  • Sin Enters the Garden
    Sin Enters the Garden
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 30th Aug, 2020 (Morning Service)
    The passage before us shows man as a fallen creature and how we find ourselves in sin. This was against what humanity was created for. Because of sin everything was messed up. The serpent lured the woman in the following … More ↪
  • Our subtle enemy
    Our subtle enemy
    Pastor Isaac Makashinyi
    Sun 23rd Aug, 2020 (Morning Service)
    Many Christians don't take the devil seriously because they don't know much about him. The lack of knowledge is due to overlooking the influence that the devil has on our lives. God gives us knowledge about Satan and his character. … More ↪
  • The famine of hearing the words of the LORD
    The famine of hearing the words of the LORD
    Gregory Kanyanta
    Sun 16th Aug, 2020 (Evening Service)
    The prophet Amos brings a message from the Lord in Amos 8:11-12 he calls people to pay attention to listen to what the Lord had to say, he proclaims that the days are coming (there is certainty to these words), … More ↪

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