How do you respond to helpless situation of life? If you are at the point of helplessness what do you do? This sermon draws our attention to Jehoshaphat’s reaction when he faced a helpless situation. This was when the people of Moab with the people of Ammon, and others came to battle against Jehoshaphat, though fear was upon Jehoshaphat we are told that he sought the LORD and proclaimed a fast over all Judah (2 Chronicles 20).

Although Jehoshaphat had other options such as using his well assembled army (2 Chronicles 17:12) or even get into an alliance with another king we see that Jehoshaphat did not trust his army or allies but he looked to the LORD for help.

In whatever situation we are in, whenever you feel helpless remember Jehoshaphat who sought our God, and God was present in his situation - you too can sought the LORD.