Being resourceful as believers is critical to building bridges to reaching out to the non-believing world because it offers an opportunity for Christians to advance the Gospel to others especially at the market place were we do business. Christians have been given the ministry of reconciliation, because they are faithful. Therefore, Christians ought to be fruitful and productive as they carry on their ministry and undertake the work of their hands.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, Apostle Paul brings out three (3) aspects that Christians ought to do as they strive to live resourceful and productive lives, these are as follows:
1). He urges Christians to be a people of ambition who give whole heartened devotion in everything they do, so that they may honor their Father who is in heaven;
2). Christians ought to mind their own business, that is, they identify an area of competency were they are more equipped and do things well. Therefore, Christians ought to continuously learn from the best in order to be good at what they do; and
3). Christians ought to work with their hands - to consistently apply effort in order to diligently build something in an honest manner.