The Genesis of Abraham's journey of faith is one that is fascinating and from which we can learn a number of lessons for our generation. In this sermon, Mr Chiwala presents an exposition of the commencement of Abraham's journey of faith and helps us to draws lessons for our generation.

When God called Abraham he showed no hesitation and he did not ask God any questions but he followed God’s instructions and set out on the journey as God instructed. To trust and obey is important to our journey of faith. In this passage, Abraham lied that Sarai was his sister showing us that Abraham was an ordinary man and not perfect. God calls us as we are, and works at shaping and fashioning after He’s Son for His own glory and honor. Therefore, God is not looking for perfect people but He is looking for those with faith who will remain strong and strive to be obedient.

What will you seek to do differently this year as you emulate Abraham’s journey of faith?